SAFe for Architecs

June 11, 2023 - November 12, 2023
09:00 - 14:30

Course Description
The SAFe® for Architects course prepares System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects to engage across the organization as effective leaders and change agents who collaboratively deliver architectural solutions. During this three-day course, attendees will explore the roles, responsibilities, and mindset of Agile Architects, and appreciate how to align architecture with business value and drive continuous flow to large systems-of-systems while supporting SAFe program execution.

This course is for senior technical contributors who need to understand the role of System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects in Lean-Agile enterprises. The course is also appropriate for individuals desiring a deeper view into how architecture enables continuous value flow and how architects engage in, and contribute to, a Lean-Agile enterprise.

Course Objectives

  • How to develop and communicate the architectural vision.
  • How to develop solution vision, intent, and roadmaps.
  • How to prepare and deliver software effectively and continuously.
  • How to lead and coach architects and team members during PI Planning and execution

Who Should Attend?

  • Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners, and Business Analysts
  • Solution, Program and Portfolio Managers, and Process Leads
  • Enterprise, Solution, and System Architects
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